Q: Would I be welcome at United Presbyterian Church?

We welcome all people in the name of Jesus Christ. We do not discriminate based on any factors. We welcome everyone into Christ’s church so that we may share the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ with you.  We do not judge, but show hospitality and love to all who need it.

Q:  What is the make up of the congregation?

We are a diverse congregation with members of varying ages, backgrounds, ideologies, finances, and lifestyles.  UPC is comprised of children, youth, young adults, single and two parent families, retired couples, and singles.   

Q: What are your worship services like?

Our congregation is uniquely inter-generational. We have chosen to worship together in one worship service with a united "style" that is representative of our gathered community.  Our Sunday morning service is blended offering a wide-range of musical and liturgical expressions from the Christian tradition; both historical and contemporary.

Q: Are women allowed to be in leadership positions?                     

Absolutely. We believe men and women are created equally in God’s image and both are called by God to minister to and lead God’s people.  We maintain diversity in our leadership so that half of the Session (the governing board of the church) is made up of women.  Women also serve as ushers, deacons, lay pastors, and treasurer of the church.

Q:  What denomination are you affiliated with and where can I get more information about it and its beliefs?

We are a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  As with most denominations, individual churches may vary on specific practices, opinions, and beliefs, but the foundational theology and government remains the same.  You can find out more about the PC(USA) by visiting their website at www.pcusa.org

Q: Is your building handicapped accessible?  

Yes, our entire facility is handicapped accessible.. We have handicapped parking spaces at both entrances of the church and ramps to the doors. We have wheel chairs and/or motorized scooters at each entrance. We have an elevator to the second floor and handicapped restrooms as well.

 Q: How do I find out more about having my wedding at United Presbyterian Church?  

We host several weddings every year for members of UPC and non-members.  There is a building usage fee for non-members and fees for a custodian, sound tech, and minister.  To find out more information and to get a tour of the facilities please call 693-2002.  Our Administrative Assistant Trish can tell you what dates are available and answer any of your questions. You can also download a copy of our wedding policy from our Building and Grounds page.

Q: How often to do you serve communion during your worship services?  

We celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month. We also celebrate the sacrament of the Lord's Supper at our  mid-month Celtic Worship Service of Word and Sacrament on the third tuesday of each month at 6:00pm. Everyone who knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is welcome to participate in Communion. Home Communion is delivered by the pastors with volunteers every month to shut-ins and nursing homes.

Q: Do you baptize children?

Yes, we baptize infants, youth, and adults. If you are interested in baptism please call the church office at 693-2002 and ask to speak to either Pastor Stephen or Pastor Patricia. You can download a brochure about baptism below.


Q: Do you have Bible studies and when are they?

Q: What is the dress code for your worship services?

We have no dress code at UPC. We have regular worshipers who always wear a suit and some who always wear jeans and a t-shirt, and everything in between.  You are always welcome at UPC no matter what you wear.

Q: Are children welcome in your worship services?

Absolutely. Children are part of God’s family and part of our church.  We have children’s worship bags available with crayons and activities for your children.  We also have a quiet room available for parents with children.  We have a nursery provided for children up to two years of age.  Children 3 and up can attend Sunday School after the Time for Young Disciples during the 10:00 service or remain with their parents.

Q: How can I connect with your pastoral staff?  

You may call the church at 693-2002 and ask for either Pastor Stephen or Pastor Patricia or email them at or

Q: What regular programs do you have for children and youth?                                

Q: How can I get involved?

Anyone can get involved at UPC.  You may call the church and request to speak to a Pastor or ask to receive our newsletter.  Through the website and newsletter you can learn about upcoming events, and opportunities for education and fellowship.  If you are interested in joining the church please contact one of the pastors.