We can express our gratitude to God for the grace we have received in Jesus Christ by giving generously to the work of his church. Giving with regularity is an opportunity to grow in our faith and obedience to God’s word. You have the opportunity to give to the work God is doing at UPC through your service and financial gifts.

SERVICE: One piece of our faithful stewardship is our support of the body of Christ within UPC, our community, and in the world today. Our Time and Talent are shared with the body of Christ as we participate in the ministries of the church through committees, volunteer work, participation in worship, and through one of the ordained ministries. There are opportunities for all UPC members regardless of the amount of time you have available or the talents you possess. We invite you to speak to one of our pastors or staff members about the ways you can get involved with UPC and use the talents and time God has given you to God’s glory.

GIFTS: Treasure is as important to UPC’s mission as Time and Talent. Without the gifts of money, UPC could not support any of its programs, which have a significant impact on people’s lives, such as: 

•    Christian Education of our members, their children, and the community

•    Worship through the spoken word, prayer and music

•    Care for members and non-members in crisis

•    Support for local mission partners through our Mission of the Month program

•    Support for mission partners around the world such as Ethiopia and Brazil

•    Care for our facilities which house both UPC and community programs

•    And many other important ministries

 We prepare our budget each year based on financial commitments pledged during an Annual Giving Campaign. You can learn more about Annual Giving here, and read about some frequently asked questions about giving and pledging here. You can also learn more about Stewardship and Giving to UPC by downloading our Giving Brochure.

Stewardship and Giving Brochure.