UPC Foundation


UPC Foundation

The Foundation of United Presbyterian Church was established to provide members and other interested parties the opportunity to make enduring charitable gifts to United Presbyterian Church. Through the Foundation gifts can become a living memorial and a perpetual source of financial support to benefit the church and its programs. It is the vehicle for receiving and managing gifts that looks to the future and enhances the ability of the church to promote its ministries and care for its property.

The Foundation maintains a diversified portfolio of investments.  Responsibility for managing the Foundation’s investment portfolio is vested in the Foundation committee, which is composed of members elected by the congregation.  The committee works closely with the Foundation’s professional investment advisors to set policy and continually monitor the performance of the Foundation’s portfolio.

The Foundation contributions to the United Presbyterian Church operating fund, each year, amount to 15-20% of the total budget.    In addition, specified use gifts (designated gifts and restricted gifts) account for up to 5% of the budget.
Your gifts to the Foundation may be any of the following types:
1 – Unrestricted / undesignated gifts contribute through the General Use fund, for the common good.
2 – Restricted gifts offer the added value of providing perpetual support to the mission you have chosen.   The foundation retains the principle value of your gift and makes annual distributions to your mission.
3 – Designated gifts contribute through a specific use fund, such as

Mission Fund

Gifts to this fund help support the missional efforts of UPC by providing seed money for new mission initiatives, support for mission partnerships, and resources for mission trips.

Christian Education Fund

Gifts to this fund help support UPC's Christian Education program, particularly our Sunday School classes and special educational events. The fund is used when we need new resources, items, or program initiatives that are not covered by the budget.

Youth Fund

Gifts to the youth fund are used by UPC to support youth ministry programs at the church like the Quest youth group for summer mission trips, supplies for the program, and resources for the youth room.

Capital Improvement  Fund

We are blessed to have beautiful church grounds and a versatile church building. Gifts to this fund help maintain and improve the facilities we have been blessed with so that the church can continue to be a blessing to the community for generations to come.

Choir Fund

Music is an important part of the ministry of UPC. Gifts to this fund help provide new music, instruments, technology, and supplies for UPC’s music ensembles.

Transportation Fund

UPC has a strong transportation ministry that enables anyone who needs a ride to church to be picked up by the church bus. Gifts to this fund provide the resources to repair or replace our church bus or assist with church transportation in any other way.

MAP (Mortgage Abatement Program) Fund

We have a beautiful sanctuary and building, but we also have a large mortgage that we make monthly payments of $12,555 to every month. Gifts to this fund help pay off the mortgage early, thereby reducing our total costs by thousands of dollars.

Memorial Garden Fund

The Memorial Garden is a beautiful and peaceful place where saints are laid to rest. Gifts to this fund further the mission and purpose of the Memorial Garden, and are used to enhance the beauty, landscaping, and integrity of the garden. 

UPC Discovery Fund

UPC Discovery is the church’s early learning center which features a preschool and toddler program. Gifts to this fund help support this vital ministry to children and families by providing the funds for expansion and improvement of environments and resources.

For more information about charitable and estate giving programs, contact the church office. We have Planned Giving Information Folders and Advocates that can assist you in making a gift to the UPC Foundation. To learn more, please download the brochure below.

 Planned Giving Brochure