At United Presbyterian Church, we value the arts and see it as an important ministry within the life of our community.  Most regularly we use the art of music to unite our community, inspire and nurture our creative selves, and give glory to God through our expression of song.  We also host and produce concerts as a church because we support the important role music has in shaping our minds, emotions, and being as we live more creatively and passionately as followers of Christ.

The visual arts also play an important role in the life of our community.  In 2015, we launched a ministry called The Worship Studio where we invited local artists to teach us ways of engaging with God through a multi-sensory approach to worshiping God.

We also use visual art in our worship services.  For example, members of our congregation make banners for the various liturgical seasons we celebrate.  Here is an image of Advent banners made in 2015:

During Pentecost in 2015, the congregation collaborated together to make an art installation called "Rising Prayer, Falling Grace".  Hundreds of origami birds were folded by members of the congregation and each bird contained a hand-written prayer offered up to God.  It served as a visual rendering of our Prayers of the People.  Here is an image of a segment of the installation:

For Lent in 2016, local artist Natalia Villanueva Linares will be constructing an installation that will be liturgically focused and interactive as we explore the book of Jonah.  We encourage you to visit the church to see this installation after the first Sunday of Lent on February 14th, 2016.