Education is one of our core values here at UPC.  Christian Education grows us and nurtures us as followers of Christ.  We offer education opportunities for ages preschool through Adult.

Click on the age group you are interested in learning about:  Preschool, Children, Youth. You can read more about Adult Education opportunities below. 9:00am classes are offered September-May each year.

Sunday 9am Education Hour.


The LYF (Living Your Faith) class uses video resources from Darkwood BrewThe Work of the People, and NOOMA to spark discussions about how we understand, live, and share our faith. We’ll dig into the complex questions of Scripture and life, and we’ll discuss how our faith shapes how we respond to the world around us and the events in our lives.

The videos spark questions and conversation about Scripture, faith, and theology and feature well known and respected theologians and church leaders. All are welcome to join us for LYF.  led by Pastor Stephen in Room 106


Books can guide us in our growth as Followers of Christ. Followers is a book with DVD discussion group. We are beginning the year with the award winning book What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey. In it he points out how we speak of grace often, but do we understand it? More importantly, do we truly believe in it? Do our lives proclaim it as powerfully as our words?

We will be reading and discussing stories from the book and the DVD which will lead us in answering these and other questions. Newcomers are welcome at any time. If you would like a copy of the current book, please contact the church office. Watch the Chimes and bulletin for future book discussions.
led by Pastor Patricia in Room 107


A Bible Study group dedicated to growing in knowledge of God through what is revealed in the Bible one book at a time. The goal is to grow in critical thinking as we interpret the stories for their relevance then, and their relevance today. Many pearls of wisdom and insight held within the narratives and wisdom literature and we seek to find them.

Bring your Bible, or use one of ours. We examine the details of the stories, and seek to understand what the stories meant in that day and time, and interpret the stories for how they apply to us today, in our time and place and culture.
led by Don Baker and Gordon Selling in Room 100


The Wired Word is a vibrant and conversational class where we discuss current events in the light of the Scriptures; in other words, the newspaper in one hand, the Bible in the other. Headline news give us much to think about and talk about through the lens of Scripture. So it is a class that naturally stirs thought-provoking and stimulating conversations and discussion

Each Thursday leaders receive the week’s headline topic and suggested discussion questions. Participants can receive them via email to prepare, or drop in at any time to join in the Sunday morning discussion.
led by Betty Pugh and John Warning in Room 105

Other Adult Educational Opportunities

11-Minute Lessons

11-Minute Lessons meets after worship in room 107 at 11:11am. We are in the midst of our series "What is the Bible?" Each week we examine stories, ideas, texts, and beliefs about the Bible. You'll see, read, and understand the Bible, and more importantly, God, in a whole new way. You also have the opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts about sermon preached in worship. We can dig a bit deeper into the text or topics discussed. It's an opportunity to continue and expand the conversation started in worship.

10am Thursday Morning Bible Study: Marriage, The Bible and The Church

The Thursday Morning Bible Study is currently studying the topic of Marriage. We are looking at the history of Marriage, at what the Bible informs us about Marriage, and how the early Church and the Reformation Church viewed Marriage.  How does all this inform us about Marriage in the 21st Century. Bring your Bible and join the discussion led by Pastor Patricia. 

Connecting Point

Click on the heading link to learn more about the adult class for Connecting Point this month.