VIVID is an intergenerational worship service that values hands-on activities, intergenerational community and collaboration, and an informal environment to promote relationships. VIVID stands for the kind of worship experience we hope to create: Interactive,  Intergenerational, and Illuminating.

VIVID typically meets on the first Sunday of the month at 4:00pm in the Fellowship Hall and begins with fun and easy songs that all ages can enjoy singing together and a Bible Story. Stories are shared and experienced together in ways that all ages can participate in together. After the story, we respond to God’s word through a project. It may be a craft, or an art project, or building project, or service project. We will connect God’s word to something we can put our hands on. Sometimes our work may tie in with a mission project, or be something you can take home, or something we work on together to display in the church.

We end with a shared meal together at 5:00pm that is kid-friendly, but also delicious and healthy. We encourage people to sit with people they may not know as well to start new relationships.

Everyone is welcome to attend VIVID. We hope this will provide a worship service for those who cannot always make it on Sunday mornings or who do not normally attend church. We will be reaching out to preschool families and families around the community to come and experience VIVID worship.