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Letter From Laura - November 2018

by Rev. Dr. Laura Reason on November 06, 2018

I’ve been out to Grandview Drive several times in recent days. The colors are out- standing this year. It always makes me wonder a bit about eyes how wonderfully made they are. No photo ever seems to quite catch the complete crispness and beauty our eyes drink in when fall colors pop. Last fall I didn’t pay much attention to the colors because Northmoor was still closed and I wasn’t always sure where I was. In the midst of the beauty, I think of the sadness woven into our ordinary lives, beginning with sitting in the surgical waiting room with the Nixons last October to hugging someone yesterday when she told me of a death in her family. How precious our life together, our UPC community is. An interim time is so short, passing in the blink of an eye within a long unfolding story. The results are often seen in hindsight. Makes one wonder sometimes, even as the trees along Grandview Drive make me want to shout with joy!

I won’t wonder about one thing. Before we know it, UPC will be planning a mortgage burning and I want to come back and enjoy it. Since 2007, through doing multiple extra- mile giving programs, matches from the Foundation for special mortgage gifts, refinancing twice for a better interest rate, faithful steady giving from many people, directing every unrestricted bequest to the principal, receiving support to the general budget from the Foundation most years and keeping our eye on the goal we had reduced the mortgage by 75% in June of 2018. When we started UMM! on July 1st we were 71 months away from paying off the mortgage. Now we’re 51 months away and counting! What great news! No matter how we crunch the numbers, we find positive results.

Thanks for your support of this mortgage reduction program, Unite to Move the Mort- gage!, a collaborative program of the Stewardship and Finance Committee and UPC Foundation. Our hope for UMM! is to have every one of our Ministry Partners every child, youth, woman and man who benefits from our beautiful facility and grounds take this opportunity to pool our resources and shorten the term on the mortgage by making additional payments on the principal. We are asking all organizations, groups, clubs, members and friends of UPC to consider making a gift between 7/1/18 and 12/31/18 to help this happen. It’s not too late to participate in UMM! – where every gift matters.

-Pastor Laura