Worship at UPC

You are always welcome here at United Presbyterian Church.  Please join us on a Sunday morning.  We offer an education hour at 9:00am (Sept.-May), a service of worship at 10:00am, and a fellowship hour following the service.   If you have specific questions about what to expect on a Sunday morning, follow the link or see our FAQ's page.

If you are a family with children, there are many ways to get involved on a Sunday morning.  Everyone, including the children, meets in the sanctuary at 10:00am for worship to participate in the call to worship, a congregational song, confession and assurance, and a time for Young Disciples.  Then the children are led upstairs for Sunday School.  Parents can pick up their children after the service in the Rotation room and are welcome to stay for Fellowship hour in the Fellowship Hall where cookies (baked fresh by our very own Dough-Boys!), coffee, and other refreshments are served. If you are visiting, someone would be happy to show you where to go and give you a tour of the church.

Worship at United Presbyterian Church

United Presbyterian Church is an inter-generational community committed to proclaiming and participating in the good news of the Gospel through communal worship.  During our worship services, we participate in a liturgy consisting of prayers, songs, Scripture readings, space to experience God, creeds, stories, and opportunities to hear God’s Word through preaching.  These liturgical patterns we experience as a community in worship help shape our identity as Christ-followers in the world which we are called to serve. 

The term liturgy (leitourgia in Greek) originally described a “public duty” or a “work of the people.”  At United Presbyterian Church, worship (or liturgy) is not a performance and does not seek to entertain or impress an audience.  Relevancy in our context is not measured by conforming to the latest trends; instead it measures the extent to which the communal worship speaks into our individual lives and transforms us into the image of Christ as we become nurtured in our identities as a worshipping family.  As a result, worship is a participatory event performed by all of those gathered.  This is represented not only in the way we worship, but by the types of resources and music we use in worship.  We use traditional and ecumenical prayers, songs, and creeds every week (the Gloria Patri, Apostle’s Creed, the Doxology, and the Lord’s Prayer), we participate in a weekly pattern of gathering, confession, being assured of God’s grace, hearing God’s Word, giving thanks through offering, and being sent out into the world to be the work of Christ for all people.  We take communion on the first Sunday of each month and regularly baptize children and adults throughout the year.

VIVID worship

VIVID is an intergenerational worship service that values hands-on activities, intergenerational community and collaboration, and an informal environment to promote relationships. VIVID stands for the kind of worship experience we hope to create: Interactive,  Intergenerational, and Illuminating.

VIVID typically meets on the first Sunday of the month at 4:00pm (Sept-May) in the Fellowship Hall and begins with fun and easy songs that all ages can enjoy singing together and a Bible Story. Stories are shared and experienced together in ways that all ages can participate in together. After the story, we respond to God’s word through a project. It may be a craft, or an art project, or building project, or service project. We will connect God’s word to something we can put our hands on. Sometimes our work may tie in with a mission project, or be something you can take home, or something we work on together to display in the church.

We end with a shared meal together at 5:00pm that is kid-friendly, but also delicious and healthy. We encourage people to sit with people they may not know as well to start new relationships.

Everyone is welcome to attend VIVID. We hope this will provide a worship service for those who cannot always make it on Sunday mornings or who do not normally attend church. We will be reaching out to preschool families and families around the community to come and experience VIVID worship. 

Music at UPC

Our worship services at United Presbyterian Church are filled with a wide-range of of music.   Worship on Sunday morning gatherings is communal, participatory, inclusive, and representative of those who are gathered.  We take seriously the wide-range of ages and walks of life that represent our congregation.  As a result, our worship music is representative of the experiences, values, traditions, and rhythm of the congregation as a whole.  We sing contemporary music, folk-tinged songs, hymns of old lead on piano and organ, re-tuned hymns, liturgical songs, choral anthems, chant, and sung responses to name a few.  We have multiple groups of people who assist in leading congregational song and participation, which includes: a worship band, chancel choir, handbell choir, instrumental ensembles, a Celtic-inspired ensemble, and a children’s ensemble. 

Our three main music ensembles rehearse weekly during Sept-May on Wednesday evenings:
Handbell Choir - Wednesday @ 5:30-6:15 pm*
Chancel Choir - Wednesday @ 6:15-7:15 pm*
Worship Band - Wednesday @ 7:15-8:15 pm*
*child care upon request. 

For more information about the groups, joining the groups, or other ways of getting involved, please email   .