Parent's Section

Welcome UPC Discovery Parents

Here you will find information about the parents' corner, the parents' bulletin board, how to access the classroom webcam, and how to pay tuition.  Special announcements and news will also be posted here.  Parents are a vital part of the UPC Discovery education process.  We welcome you and are excited to journey with you and your child(ren).


The purpose of the Parent Corner at UPC Discovery is to provide parents a quiet place to calm children, a place away from the classroom to monitor children struggling with separation, and finally to support connections between parents in the program.
Preschool is often the first classroom experience for most families and connecting with other parents serves to strengthen that experience. By sharing different parenting challenges and joys, families begin to appreciate and gain perspective on supporting young children as they grow and develop.
Besides the benefits of connecting with each other, recommended parenting materials are available for check-out in the Parent Corner and parents are encouraged to share their own resources with the program. The Parent Corner is located on the landing, through the door, next to Director's office.


The UPC Discovery Early Childhood Handbook contains all the policies and procedures of UPC Discovery that you need to know.  You will receive a copy of the handbook at orientation at the beginning of the year and will be required to sign a form stating that you have read the handbook and agree to adhere to the policy and procedures.  You may download a copy of the handbook below.

2020-2021 Early Childhood HANDBOOK

COVID- 19 Supplement Handbook



In order to keep costs down, families are required to pay tuition via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit card.  If you choose EFT, you will need to fill out a specific form in order for you tuition to be automatically deducted from your bank account each month.  Tuition is withdrawn around the 6th of each month, beginning in October and ending in May.  This method of payment is convenient and will alleviate the possibility of late fees.   

You may also choose to use a credit card, but there is a 4% convenience/transaction fee.  Your credit card will automatically be charged the tuition around the beginning of each month.  If you have any questions please contact the church office and ask for Kenton at 693-2002.


Our preschool classroom is equipped with a webcam so you can check in on your children throughout the day.  The camera refreshes at a rate of 1 frame per second.  You will need the password you received to log in to view the camera. 

Accessing the Preschool Camera

The camera is accessible from the link on the Discovery Preschool web site.  Once accessed, you can add it to your Favorites, and access it from your Favorites. Or

Catherine’s camera is:                                         

Angela’s camera is:

Tracy's Camera is:

Please note:

  • At this time only Windows Internet Explorer is supported.  Other browsers may work, but the manufacturer recommends Internet Explorer.
  • Audio is not available on the camera.
  • The camera does not record video or images.
  • The camera supports up to 5 simultaneous users.  To help ensure all parents have an opportunity to access the camera, it will automatically disconnect a viewing session after 15 minutes.

Click on the camera link.
Enter the username and password (already provided to you at the start of school).

To view the camera image, the Axis Media Control and the MPEG-4 Decoder must be installed.
(order of installation does not matter)
Axis Media Control
The yellow Information Bar will appear, click “Click here to install…”
Click “Install ActiveX control…” (Axis Media Control)
A dialog box appears, click ‘Install”.
MPEG-4 Decoder
Goto the bottom of the web page, click “Click here to install or upgrade the MPEG-4 Decoder”
A window will popup, scroll down to the bottom, and click “I accept the license agreement”, click Ok
It may ask you to install the Axis Media Control again

Click the Refresh button (or click View, Refresh) and the camera image should appear.